Echofon 1.9.4 Just Released - Update Tweets with Ease

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Echofon just released the new version that has more features and more faster to update tweets. You can install Echofon 1.9.4 on Mozilla Firefox on Linux, Windows, Mac, can be even used on the iPhone. Echofon really help us to update our tweets, so that for a Blogger like me can do promotion my latest articles via Echofon.

Echofon 1.9.4
What is The facilities just presented by Echofon 1.9.4 on Firefox?

    Expect the ability to update tweets that is faster, Echofon gives other features that can captivate it's users like me, such as:
  • Echofon 1.9.4 has many themes that can be used, like as Windows XP, Windows Vista/7, Mac and Black

  • Echofon 1.9.4 can display a web link or our blog when the update site, if the character is entered no more than 140, then link your blog will not be converted to TinyURL,

  • Can conversion automatically to tinyurl,

  • Learn more onEchofon to find out it's features

Let's install echofon on firefox and ready to update your tweets there.
  1. Install Echofon.xpi
  2. You will get instruction from echon, do the instructions until finished.
  3. Restart your firefox, and echofon 1.9.4 is ready to be used.

If You have installed Echofon on your firefox, You only update to Echofon 1.9.4. Let's do it:

  • Go to Tools >> Add-ons
    You will get notify from firefox to update your Echofon. Update your Echofon, and restart the firefox when the installation has finished.

Comments :

2 comments to “Echofon 1.9.4 Just Released - Update Tweets with Ease”
Alessandro said...

Have you try to install echofon on firefox 3.6 beta on linux? I've been installed and almost works here, only the post twitties doesn't work, because I can't focus the textbox. I click on textbox and nothing happens. If I click on "insert url" button, the url appears on textbox, but I can't send the message, because I still can't focus for press ENTER.
I don't know if that issue happens on firefox 3.5 too.

Joe Engressia said...

I haven't tried echofon on firefox 3.6 Beta yet.
I have been trying on firefox 3.5.5, and Echofon works normally.
I can update my tweets and insert link. When I combine my tweets and link on echofon and The tweets was more than 140, My link will be converted automatically to tinyurl by echofon.

Maybe firefox 3.6 is still beta, so It can work normally.

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