Opera 10.10 just launched with Many Awesome Features

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Opera is a web browser that has been long to helped the browser in the world surf the web. It just released a web browser version 10.10. Opera 10.10 is believed by the opera has a very good performance and stable, so that could be relied on as a partner in exploring cyberspace. Opera 10.10 has many advantages, including:

  • Opera Turbo for fast browsing on slow connections

  • New visual tabs and sleek design

  • share content directly with friends without having to upload anything to a Web site

  • learn more the features of opera 10.10 here

Opera provides for ubuntu, so We can install and use on ubuntu 9.10 Karmic. Let's install Opera 10.10 on Ubuntu Karmic.

  1. Make sure You have connected on internet or local repository, cos Opera 10.10 need dependencies packages.

  2. Download opera 10.10 .deb package here

  3. starting the installation of opera 10.10 via terminal

    sudo dpkg -i opera_10.10.4742.gcc4.qt3_i386.deb

When installation finished, you can browse the cyber world via opera 10.10 now.

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