Reduce The Impact of Global Warming Right Now !!

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the earthWe Will Save You !!

We often hear about Global Warming, because the words of both were often mentioned on tv. What we understand about global warming? Because, we can't do anything if don't know effect from global warming. Summer happens in the earth is actually a normal, because the living creatures need heat from the sun to breed, but what happens if the heat is in the earth, beyond the normal? Of course the earth in a very big danger, because it can disrupt the viability of the earth.

As we know, on earth there is a layer of the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, that have function to absorb some sunlight so that the earth is still warm. But if there is increased concentration of greenhouse gases that exceed the limit of normal, hot sun will be merged so much in the earth's temperature increase and cause the global warming.

The cause of global warming is
Increasing the amount of greenhouse gases that many types: carbon dioxide (CO2), metana (CH4), dinitro oxide (N20), hidrufluorokarbon (HFC), perfluorokarbon (PFC) and sulfurheksafluorida (SF6). This is caused by burning fossil fuels (oil / coal), defoliation & forest fires, agriculture (the use of chemical fertilizer).

What are the dangers of global warming?
In Indonesia, we have felt the effect global warming. We have lost some of the small islands because increase in sea water, that caused the sinking islands. Following is a result of global warming :
  • temperature of the earth will rise dramatically,
  • climate change is not regular;
  • Lack of clean water;
  • new diseases appear;
  • ice in the north and south poles melt, so that some flooding occurred hemisphere;
  • some animal species will be extinct.
How to prevent the global warming?
Looked the danger from global warming, sure we as the inhabitant must prevent it. Let's do the ways:
According data that were provided by The Climate Program and Energy WWF-Indonesia:

  1. turn off the lights for 60 minute at 9-10 pm. because at that time there are peak load electricity
  2. use the public vehicle, to reduce carbon monoxide;
  3. save the water;
  4. cultivate 1 tree, ±because during it's life can absor
  5. check tire your car, what it is still good or no, keep health tire your car, because is able to reduce 10 Kg CO2 in atmosphere.
  6. Avoid buying products with plastic wrap. Each of you to reduce 10% waste plastics, you have reduced 600 kg of carbon dioxide.

Reduce the impact of Global Warming right now and Save Our Earth!!!


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Great post my friend!

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1 April, got you!

Relife Realty said...

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nice man, it's our earth we live in, so it's our responsibility right...

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