Download Safari 4 Beta for Windows OS

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Get Fast and Safe Your Surf in Virtual World

Safari is a browser that is made by Apple. It is very useful for Surfer Who is surfing frequently in virtual word. Safari has been ability to safe and fast when you are surfing. The application can use in Microsoft Windows OS and also be accompany Quick Time that is multimedia application.

Please check Safari's Performances:
  • Full-Page Zoom

    Zoom in or out on web content using keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch gestures, or the Zoom toolbar button for more comfortable reading.

  • Plug-in Support

    Plug-ins are add-ons that expand a browser’s capabilities.

  • CSS 3 Web Fonts

    CSS 3 web fonts allow web designers to create stunning websites using the fonts they prefer rather than restricting themselves to “web-safe fonts.”
for more informations, please check here

Download Safari 4.0 Beta
It renders web pages at lightning speed. It delivers never-before-seen features that make browsing more fun.

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3 comments to “Download Safari 4 Beta for Windows OS”
bisnisway said...

jadi program ini buat multi layar gitu yah di PC kita, wer serasa punya TV banyak dong yah....

tolearnfree said...

Ini bukan program multi layar, ini sebuah web browser buatan apple, yang mempunyai kemampuan bagus, cepat, dan aman ketika browsing. tampilannya sangat elegan. silakan di coba.

oPa said...

sep...numpang nyedot yah..

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