Download Update Avira 1 April 2009

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Avira Anti Virus can Prevent | Kill The Conficker

Avira is an anti virus that have been leading 20 years in computer security. It makes your pc safe from threat and also be able to close weak your pc. You can get free or premium mode avira anti virus. To make avira keep safe your pc, avira must be updated because we don't know when viruses attack our pc.

Detects and removes the following malware and its variants:

  • Conficker
  • Worm/Sober.J
  • Worm/Sober.P
  • Worm/Sober.Y
  • W32/Stanit.A
  • Worm/NetSky.AA
  • Worm/NetSky.B.1
  • Worm/NetSky.C
  • Worm/Netsky.D.Dam
  • Worm/NetSky.P
  • Worm/NetSky.X
  • Worm/Mytob.IN.2
  • Worm/Mytob.KS
  • TR/Spy.Banker.AATZ
  • TR/Spy.Banker.AATZ.1
  • TR/Spy.Banker.AATZ.2
  • TR/Spy.Banker.AATZ.3


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Concratz ya..:)

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nice to visit

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