Info about Conficker and How to Prevent It

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Let's Safe Our PC From Conficker Attacks

I just watched E-life Style on metro tv, e-life style is a program that is about Information Technology in Indonesia and the world. The topic of E-life style was about conficker that has been infecting millions computer in the world. I really enjoy to watch E-Life Style, because It has a common with my blog topic. The speaker was Anton R. Pardede who is the creator of PCMAV that is no 1 in Indonesia.

Anton R. Pardede said, Virus Conficker is a virus that is very modern with It's root-kit that is very wonderful, so that It is very difficult to remove from your PC. Beside that, Microsoft Corp. will pay you $225,000 if You are able to catch The Creator of Conficker. Virus Conficker makes U.S.A security in danger so that FBI is involved to look for the creator of conficker. Waw, It is really danger.

What has your PC infected virus conficker?
Let's go to check it:

  1. Icon flash drive in your pc is like folder image.
  2. Convicker will open back door in your PC with code MS08-067 in Windows OS, please download here
  3. Can't visit microsoft, kaspersky, and everything about security.

How to prevent the conficker ?

  • update your Windows OS, via
  • use pcmav express for conficker, please download here
  • update your anti virus

Keep on my friend, don't be afraid about virus that is made by human.

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5 comments to “Info about Conficker and How to Prevent It”
bisnisway said...

thanks for the infooo...

David Funk said...

Hi! Nice info! I appreciate you sharing this, and for stopping by my site.

mesin absen, sidik jari, access control, keylock said...

nice info...

Dorothy L said...

Hey Joe....that is pretty scary actually...If the FBI fear this virus...then we are definitely at its mercy.
Thank you so much for the vital tip!
Have a very nice day!

Ayan said...

Nice Posts......$miling...Hope you back..

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