How to Solve The Problem VGA Axioo TVR152C in Ubuntu 8.10

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Configure Axioo TVR152C VGA in Ubuntu Intrepid IBEX

To enjoy graphical display in Linux OS, surely your VGA must be active and recognized by Ubuntu OS. When Ubuntu installation finished in Axioo TVR152C, actually Axioo VGA has recognized and installed, but the vga has not configured automatically by Ubuntu. You can only enjoy white screen, because Ubuntu uses display Vesa mode. To configure VGA in Axioo TVR152C, please prepare the following:

  1. CD Ubuntu Installation
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Download script openchrome-stable(8.10).sh here extract and save this file in your flash drive.

If, you have not installed Ubuntu yet. please following this way to install ubntu in Axioo TVR152C:
I can't help you to install ubuntu in detail, just giving important points installation. Let's do it:

  1. After choose the language, The installation process will start. In installation menu, you select save graphical mode. Please following this way to use it :

    • select install ubuntu and press F4
    • select save graphical mode [enter]

  2. The process installation will run smoothly, you can only enjoy with desktop display in white screen.

Let's do to configure Axioo TVR152C VGA in Ubuntu 8.10:
  • Restart ubuntu and select recovery mode at grub, and you will work in console mode
  • Mount USB Flash Drive
    $ sudo mkdir /media/usb
    $ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usb
    $ sudo chmod 777 openchrome-stable(8.10).sh
    $ sudo ./openchrome-stable(8.10).sh

  • select "Y" every confirmation at installation
  • when Installation openchrome-stable(8.10).sh have finished, file xorg.conf will has created in directory /etc/X11/. edit fle xorg.conf:

    $ sudo pico /etc/X11/xorg.conf

    Insert the bellow script on section device:
    Section “Module”
    Disable “dri”

  • save your work Ctrl+x
  • Restart Your Notebook.

Afeter finished the configuration of VGA, you can also enjoy the compiz greatness in Ubuntu 8.10. Please follow the way in Compiz Fusion in Ubuntu 8.10

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mesin absen, sidik jari, access control, keylock said...

nice info bro..

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awan said...

aku nginstall fedora 10 di axioo neon MLC0152...tapi gak bisa masuk mode grafik...ada yang punya saran...thanks...oh,iya sebelumnya pernah nginstall fedora 8 dan 9, ubuntu 8.04 tapi gak pernah ada masalah

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