The Desktop Platform From AMD, The Name Is AMD Dragon in 2009

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AMD Dragon, A Modern Desktop Platform from AMD with Price Less than $ 900

Earlier in the year 2007 AMD issued a product that called AMD fusion, which means some combination of the best components from AMD, and AMD is known by the name of AMD spider. Recently AMD introduced the AMD spider successor of the AMD Dragon . Results of merging some of the best parts, of course, It will have a performance that is very imposing.

Include in AMD Dragon.
Components that support AMD's processor is a dragon series Phenom X4 II with The code is Deneb. Additional distinction is the user can select the processor specification:
1. Phenom x4 II 805 with a speed of 2.5 GHz
2. Phenom x4 II 945 with a maximum speed of 3.0 GHz

The motherboard used is Crossfire X ready mode with the AMD 790GX chipset and strengthened with the Video card ATI Radeon HD3300. AMD also provides applications that help in the performance of sophisticated it's platform and The Application can be downloaded in

AMD Phenom x4 II.
Processor technology has been using 45 nm, with the number of transistor is 758 million and It has the dimension 258 mm.
Following advanced features of the AMD Phenom x4 II:

1. Direct Connect Architecture

2. Hyper Transport 3.0
Technology to increase bandwidth I / O significantly.

3. Total Enhance Cache and Total Cache
Improve the performance when multitasking and multithreading occur because each core has a L2 Cache.

4. AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator
Give a strong performance for floating point performance

5. Media AMD Digital Media Xpress 2.0
Provide a 3D view so that It can cosset user's eye .

6. Cool'n'Quiet 3.0
Save processor power required when working.

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