Norton Anti-Virus 2009 is the most quickly and have maximum security

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Norton 2009

Do Not Think Norton 2009 is Slowly and Take Many PC's Resources

Previously, we recognize that anti-virus is very slow in the scan file, especially if we use a PC with a lower specification. But, this time Symantec Scientists create products Symantec norton anti virus 2009 with maximum security and fastest.

The features from Norton Anti Virus 2009
1. Installation process with 1-click with a duration of 1 minute.

2. It uses 6 mb free memory, so the resource from main application will not be upset.

3. Boot time, if you use the computer specification standards
. You only need less than 3 seconds to do the boot and 1 second to open the browser.

4. Time scan norton anti virus 2009 more quickly 81% of the other anti-virus.

5. Norton Anti Virus 2009 will update when the PC is idle

6. View the status of security on every process that is running

7. Norton Anti Virus 2009 have a silent mode.

You can download here

Comments :

6 comments to “Norton Anti-Virus 2009 is the most quickly and have maximum security”
Dorothy L said...

Hey there...
I use Norton and I have always felt safe with it. I do however once in a while use Malawarebytes to really dig down deep and clean up files.

Have a very nice day!

Itik Bali said...

Nice Posting
Cuman saya musti pelang2 bacanya
maklum bahasa Inggrisnya payah..he..he

Joe Engressia said...

yes, norton 2009 is not like past norton. so far i know, norton 2009 is smart, fast, and full security. you can use it without care your computer will work slowly

Joe Engressia said...

#itik bali

silahkan gunakan fasilitas google translate untuk terjemahkan blog ini :), thanks atas commentnya

Kev said...

Huh? I've used Norton before but it wasn't too good - a memory hogger and it doesn't recognize many viruses despite updating it. That was long ago. Since then i've used PC-cillin, Kaspersky, AVG but i'm not too pleased with them either. Now i have two running simultaneously - BitDefender & Avira... cool combination, no crashes.

joe engressia said...

so far i know, norton antivirus 2009 is fast, maximum security, and 1 click installation. so, i don't know, why it is in your pc not like that. thanks for your comment, i will find out the cause...

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