How to Repaire A Damage Hard Drive

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Repair A Damaged Hard Drive

Hard Drive have elements of electronic cache. If there is damage to the components , the disk can not be read or used. You can use smartdump, this application is used by almost all types of hard drives. This application is excellent in the examination if the disk were damaged, and overheating. To find out how severe the damage can be used HDTune software.

Following ways to improve the hardisk:

1. Repair disk partition

In improving the disk partition you can use parted magic (OS Linux applications), to find out partitions on hard drive.
Then use testdisk to see if there is a partition NTFS / FAT32.
TESTdisk use instructions:
  • Select create option, for the log file,
  • Select the hard drive partition that will be recovered,
  • Intel to select the Windows partition, and also have the option to mac and linux
  • Analyze select to do an analysis and find the structure of the disk partition is missing
  • After analyze the process is complete, you can recover data lost

2. Repairs the master boot record

If there is physical damage to the MBR, the disk you can not be used again.
However, if the only missing, corrupt, and exposed to the virus you can use the MBR Utility

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5 comments to “How to Repaire A Damage Hard Drive”
Dorothy L said...

That is good to know. I unfortunately had a new hard drive put in with Windows Vista...which now does not allow certain connections through with
Thank you for the tips.

Joe Engressia said...

Thanks for comment
we must be wary of the damaged hard drive, because a lot of important data in it. I hope this tips useful

Dorothy L said...

It was very helpful. That is so true also and why it is so important to back up files every now and then.

Have a great day :)


tolearnfree said...


ya, we must back up hard drive every put important data in our pc.
because, i have lost my important data some days ago, and i don't know because i fell dream when my data lost. hahahhahaa. My experience and i will not forget it. :D

Jessie said...

nice article specially for non IT people.

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