Let's Play Your Musics Creations with Amarok

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Amarok is a multimedia applications On Linux platform. Application with the wolf logo is truly enthralling linux users. This is the most good for listening to music on Linux. Applications that have been boosted with the graphical display is very easy to get in to play music. By using Amarok you can play music without having to think whether the music will sound broken? The answer is no, because amarok have advantages :

With Amarok, we can enjoy FLAC, Ogg, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA and Musepack. Amarok has some special features, one is able to display album cover that we have in the Context Browser. If we do not have an album cover from the collection of songs that we have, Amarok will download the appropriate cover for us. Amarok will also download and automatically save the lyrics of the songs we have.

download amarok for Linux

download amarok for MAC

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Joe Engressia said...

i have tried it. Amarok make me easy to play music.

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