Network Application to look host, Download Look @ Lan for Windows|IP Scanner|Port Scanner|etc.

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Look@Lan is Network Applications

Science network security is necessary, in order to prevent the occurrence of data theft, and false data transmission so that is the crime network. We as users demanded more carefully in order not to keep the data stolen by the villain (Hacker). So that data security is assured of our ability and need to support the application guard.

You can use the Look@Lan, applications that work:
1. to observe the network,
2. see the computer OS that are connected,
3. see the port is open,
4. etc.

Network application is very useful to secure your network, so that your network is more secure. Network application is very light and does not require a sophisticated computer specifications. To be able to use this application is not needed in the ability to become administrator. You just understand a little bit of thought pattern of hacker attacks such as cleft through ports, firewall, browser, and others. I hope Look@Lan is able to help you.

download here

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4 comments to “Network Application to look host, Download Look @ Lan for Windows|IP Scanner|Port Scanner|etc.”
Joe Engressia said...

the application will make easy to keep our network. i make sure you about that, because i have tried it.

Anonymous said...

If you need an all in one solution then I would look at something like unified threat management also known as a UTM.Cyberoam firewall is the only UTM firewall that embeds user identity in firewall rule matching criteria, enabling enterprises to configure policies and identify users directly by the username rather than through IP addresses. Cyberoam’s powerful hardware firewall provides stateful and deep packet inspection, access control, user authentication, network and application-level protection.

The ICSA-certified Cyberoam firewall is available along with VPN, gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention system, content filtering, bandwidth management and multiple link management, providing comprehensive security to small, medium and large enterprises, including remote and branch offices. Cyberoam is a Check Mark Level 5 certified UTM solution.

Key Features

1.Stateful Inspection Firewall
2.Centralized management for multiple security features
3.Embeds user identity in rule-matching criteria
4.Multiple zone security
5.Granular IM, P2P controls
6.ICSA certified

Joe Engressia said...

Your offer is very interesting one. actually i want to join you, but I still study and still needs a lot of cost. I still keep your bid, and if I finished college I may be contacting you again.

che_3z said...

Weleh2, pada ngemeng apaan sih nih..???hahaha:)

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