Easy Way to Create SliTaz Cooking into USB via Windows XP

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SliTazWe will share how to run SliTaz from USB, SliTaz GNU/Linux is a free operating system working completely in memory from removeable media such as a cdrom or USB key. It is light, speedy and fully installable on a hard drive. SliTaz is distributed in the form of a LiveCD that you can easily burn to a cdrom and boot from. When the system is running you can eject the LiveCD and use your CD drive for other tasks. The Live system provides a fully-featured, working graphical distro and lets you keep your data and personal settings on persistent media. The system can be extended with the Tazpkg package manager and security updates are provided for the cooking and stable versions. Let's create SliTaz Cooking into USB via Windows XP.
  1. Make sure your BIOS supports to boot through USB Flash Drive

  2. Prepare before Installation process

    • Your PC has installed Windows XP

    • Min 64 MB or Larger USB Flash Drive (Formatted FAT32)

    • the SliTaz Cooking ISO, if You doesn't have please download here.

    • Download tazusb.exe,

  3. Run tazusb.exe,It will create a bootable SliTaz USB Flash Drive

  4. Reboot your PC and set your system BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot, please booting from the USB memory stick. You will be directed to SliTaz via USB.

    You can edit append line on /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg so , you can boot automatically SliTaz via home=usb.
    append initrd=/boot/rootfs.gz rw root=/dev/null vga=normal autologin slitaz home=usb

Now, You have a Linux SliTaz that can be brought to everywhere. Keep update your linux, although It is on USB Flash Drive.

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3 comments to “Easy Way to Create SliTaz Cooking into USB via Windows XP”
Chris said...


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Anonymous said...


that did NOT work for me, because eSATA drives are detected as USB, so the "tux" folder were all your data must be stored is made on the HDD(eSATA) and not on the USB so when you go to other PC you do not have your sttinegs with on it.

if you boot with slitaz CD and use the TazUSB applications it will do all authomatically and you will notice that instead of set siltaz home=usb it will set it as home-A8E4-U3S2 or what ever your USB's UID is.

even that way did not work fine

I test it with Slitaz 2.0 on january 2010

hope someone know the rigth way.

Anonymous said...

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