How to Create a USB Debian Live Flash Drive using Windows XP

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Debian Linux is known as the operating system that has performance is very stable, so that Linux has a range long enough to get the latest version. This is due to the stability of system and application packages. Debian Linux can be run through a USB flash drive. We will create a Debian linux USB flash drive via Windows XP. After the creation process is complete, you can work on a Debian system via USB flash drive. Debian Linux uses desktop environment such as KDE, Gnome, xfce, flux, etc.

How to install Debian Linux to Flash Drive via Windows XP
  1. Your pc must have installed Windows XP and ready to be used,

  2. Connect the flash drive 2 GB or larger on your pc,

  3. Download a Debain live USB image and save it on your desktop,

  4. Download the Win32 DiskImager,

    • Extract it to your desktop(my suggestion) or you can extract to another place on your pc.
    • Go to directory Win32DiskImager and run Win32DiskImager.exe,
    • Wait in a few minute, You will get a notification of Windows XP:
      "An error occurred when attempting to get the device information. Error 8:
      please click OK to continue.

  5. Process installation Debian Live USB to your flash drive

    • select browse and select your Debian-Live.img
    • select USB device
    • click Write to write the image to the device Win32DiskImager - usage for Debain Live Image
    • please wait until installation process finished.

  6. Reboot your pc and set BIOS to boot from The USB device.
If installation success, you can run Debian Linux via USB Flash drive on your PC or notebook.

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Anonymous said...

looks like a ripped tutorial from

Admin said...

yap LOL, I learn how to create linux into USB drive on But I don't copy pendrivelinux's article.

I make own my article, but If there is same way, that must be happen, cos Computer tutorial has a common way. We can not explain with our ways, you have to learn first on any site or book.

Anonymous said...

usb doesn't boot.

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