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Web hosting is where the web files that will be used when the web has been in publishing on the internet. Many sites that provide web hosting services with various facilities provided by the site. Facilities such as: Web based CPANEL Control panel, account management tool that completely, Supports PHP 5.2.5 & MySQL 5, CGI and SSI Support, Support for Perl DBI Module, Equipped with 50 pieces Pre-Installed Scripts, Zend Optimizer, View Bandwidth Usage , View Error Log, Password Protected Directory, Graphical Statistics, Cron Jobs Management, Supports WAP Server, Supports htaccess & htpasswd, Rewrite URLs with mod_rewrite, etc. With the support of the above facilities, a web hosting would be very useful for users of web hosting services.

Web hosting should also support various programming languages such as java script, ajax, php, and web hosting must have a database application such as mysql, postgreesql, oracle and various other databases used by the user. With the language services program, a web site will look beautiful and very comfortable to visit. Various information provided by these sites will surely make visitors always arriving at their website. Web will be more beautiful if you use the php language, for that you need web hosting that supports php language. In order to obtain optimum performance php web with a good language, of course you have to find the best php hosting. Choose the web hosting as the location to place the files your web site.

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well i am using namecheap hosting. it is excellent in all features like cpanel, service and other soft wares it does supports

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