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Check Your Choice Before Use It

Web host is a place to store data needed by a web. The data is stored on a web hosting, so that the web owners should be more careful in determining the choice. The quality of a web hosting is very important to know before we use the services. A web hosting is very closely related to the Control Panel (Cpanel), Control Panel or the Web Manager is the most popular tool for managing your website. With the Control Panel, you do not need to use more manual methods to manage your website. You also do not need to contact our staff for making new email addresses, sub domains, backups, creating a new database, change passwords FTP / Control Panel and so on.

Existing public facilities in Cpanel as:

  • My E-Mail (to add, delete, edit or change the password)

  • Webmail for each email address. Webmail is a E-Mail software that allows you to read an email where & when it: at home, at work or anywhere else. We provide Web Mail 3 most popular: NeoMail, Horde & Squirrel Mail.

  • POP3 account to add, edit & delete POP3 e-mail you can use in Outlook Express

  • E-Mail Forwarding to add, edit & delete the e-mail forwarding you. You can switch for example email: agus@domainanda.com & sales@domainanda.com to andi@domainanda.com,etc.

  • Auto Responder to add, edit & delete the e-mail Auto Responder you can use as an automatic response.

  • Mailing List to create discussion groups such as http://www.yahoogroups.com

  • Custom mail filtering

  • DNS / MX Management to change the DNS, MX, CNAME, etc.. Very necessary if you use free web mail like Gawab.com, BigMailBox.com or OemMail.com.

  • Domain Forwarding to divert all mail from one domain to another domain.

  • Default Address Manager which allows you to divert all email addresses that have not been made to 1 email address.

  • Catch All that can be used to apasaja@domainanda.com sent to one of your main mailbox.

  • POP3 Mail Password Changer to change the password of your own POP3 email without having to contact the webmaster / admin you are replacing for you! Because your email password is confidential!


  • File Manager to upload, edit, delete, protect & change the permissions on your files.

  • Change Password to change your password your website & Frontpage, without you need to contact us.

  • Install / Uninstall FrontPage Extensions

  • General Account Information to see the amount of website space, database space, bandwidth, mailing lists & subdomains are still available. So you can determine when you need to upgrade your hosting package.

  • General Server Information to see the version of Operating System, apache, php, database, perl & module, sendmail, bind & ftpd.

  • Custom Error Pages to regulate what the page will be displayed if the link is incorrect (Error 404) or if your script error. (Error 500)

In addition to the above facilities, many other important facilities you need to know before you register at a web host. For more details, please visit www.findmyhosting.com, the site contains information about web hosting reviews.

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