Super Green Hosting | Less Global Warming Impact

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An Environmentally Aware Web Hosting

With the development of technology, the impact of global warming greater. We can see around us, what has happened with global warming. Global warming problem is very important to discuss, because all over the world would feel the impact. Every year, there are some people who died because of the earth's surface temperature increase, the occurrence of floods due to the polar regions looking for ice, and other problems caused by global warming. Increasing global temperature is expected to cause changes such as sea level rise, increased intensity of extreme weather phenomena, as well as changes in the number and pattern of precipitation. The consequences of global warming will be impact for loss of glaciers, and the extinction of various species of animals.

So what to do with technology? We have an innovation from a web hosting that considers aspects of global warming. A concern to reduce the impact of global warming, the web host is using hardware that can save energy, so it is very useful in reducing the impact of global warming. Web hosting is similar to another web hosting, which is a function to store files that will be used in a web. Name of web hosting is supergreen hosting, It provides the facility Cpanel, PHP, Python, CGI-BIN, file handlers and IP banning access. For online shopping site, It also provides a shopping cart, SSL encryption, Paypal and Merchant account support.

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