How to Install John The Ripper on Linux

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John The Ripper is The Best Application for Crack Password

John the ripper is an application that make ease to crack password such as md4, md5, etc. You can decrypt an encryption password faster. This article will explain how to install John on linux System. When made this article, The last John The Ripper is John The Ripper Actually, we don't need to install John on our system. After you extract the distribution archive and possibly compile the source code (see below), you may simply enter the "run" directory and invoke John from there. Following the instructions How to Install John on Linux System (tested on Ubuntu 9.04):

  1. Download John The Ripper

  2. Extract file to /opt
    $ sudo tar -zxvf john- -C /opt

  3. Compiling the sources on a Unix-like system. You have to be root to do it :

    $ sudo su
    # cd /opt/john-
    # make

    please wait, It will make target for your system

    # make clean generic

  4. If everything goes well, this will create the executables for John andits related utilities under "../run/". You can change directory to there and start John, like this:

    # cd ../run
    # ./john --test

Alternatively, you may copy the entire "run" directory to anywhere you like and use John from there. Now, You have John on your linux system. Probably in next time, I will explain how to use it. Good Luck Pal ^_^

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2 comments to “How to Install John The Ripper on Linux”
Anonymous said...

Work perfectly thanks a lot ~Cobra

Joe Engressia said...

OK, you are welcome. LOL.
have a nice to crack. hehehee. ^^

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