How to Create an Eeebuntu into Flash Drive Using Windows XP

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A USB OS Supported for ASUS Eeepc

Linux Eeebuntu is a linux OS that has application package as same as ubuntu, because linux Eeebuntu is derivative of ubuntu and has application package .deb. Linux eeebuntu especially is designed for ASUS Eeepc, a notebook that is made for education and it has specification for The Junior High School. This article will explain how to create a usb flash drive Eeebuntu using Windows XP, why must we use Windows XP? Because file casper is needed has extension .exe. OK pal, let's do "How to Create a USB Eeebuntu using Windows".

Some preparation you need to make Eeebuntu flash drive using Windows:

  1. BIOS support boot via USB

  2. Windows XP and Flash drive 2GB or Larger USB Flash Drive (Fat32 formatted)

  3. Download and run EEEU.exe extracting the contents to your desktop, a EEEU folder is created

  4. Eeebuntu.iso, If you don't have please download here using torrent application.

  5. Copy the Eeebuntu ISO to the EEEU folder on your desktop

  6. From the EEEU folder on your desktop, run EEU.bat and follow the onscreen instructions

  7. Reboot your PC and set your system BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot booting from the USB memory stick

If processing finished, you must reboot your pc and setup BIOS to boot via USB. This way is really useful for ASUS Eeepc, because ASUS Eeepc is a product of ASUS doesn't build in a optical drive, so you can use flash drive to install your operating system like Eeebuntu flash drive.

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