An Innovation to Update Tweets Without Visiting

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An Innovation to Update Tweets Without Visiting

Create Tweets Using Firefox Addons | Update Twitter

Who does not know Twitter? For the blogger, twitter is a media campaign that is very reliable to promote a product or article that is on their blog. Usually, to update its status, we need to go to However, there are applications that can be used without having to visit the site, so We can save quota of Internet provider. The Application is TwitterFox, it is a AddOns of Mozilla's Firefox. The following can be done using TwitterFox:

  • Update Status that is simple without visit,

  • Check Messages and mentions,

  • Doing RT (Retweet),

  • Show tweets that is just updated, etc.

You have looked it's benefits, please follow this way to install it :

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 or last updated,

  2. visit,

  3. search twitterfox and install it,

  4. restart your firefox, Check on bottom toolbar.

Configuration twitterfox to using it. Now, you can update tweets without visiting Please try it.

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