Accessing Facebook That is Blocked

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Accessing Facebook That is Blocked

No Problem, We Can Still Use Facebook in Office

Facebook is a web technology that is very popular at this moment. Many things that can be done through facebook among us can pour what is thought, meet friends, chat with friends, etc. Keep in mind, however, the technology to make work so fun and easy, but technology can spend your time. This happened on facebook, millions of people access it every day, including employees in the office. With so many office that issued a policy to block access to facebook, so that employees working in more focus.

I will share a tip so facebook that is blocked can be accessed. Check this out :

  1. Using Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or above, visit to install mozilla addons,

  2. search addons "Facebook Chat Notification" and install on your firefox, after installation finished, you have to restart your firefox,

  3. addons Facebook Chat Notification will have installed on your Firefox Toolbars,

  4. And the last, please input username and password to login on your facebook.

Note : Don't logout from your account even thought you close firefox, because you will receive notifications from facebook. Now, You can keep to using facebook although Facebook access is blocked by your Boss. Enjoy it.!!

Ok Pal, That is a way to be able using facebook when your Boss have been blocking facebook at the office.

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