Update Your Smadav Antivirus with Smadav Rev 4.1 on May 2009

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Download Anti Virus Smadav Rev.4 May 2009

This is the awaited, SmadAV Rev 4 2009 For those who have not already and download previous Anti virus SmadAV Rev.3 2009. Smadav parties have done some bug fixes & false alarm on the revision this time.

When you find a bug or LOCAL NEW VIRUS that has not been detected Smadav Rev.3 2009, please report them immediately on this site www.smadav.net. So, for ALL USERS SMADAV recommended the ROUTINE / EVERY DAY visit to this site to download the latest revision Smadav Rev.4 2009.

Included in Smadav rev.4 2009 Engine :

Super Fast and became the fastest in the WORLD (Can be your own).
Smart Protection
It has smart protection that is better than smadav Rev 3
Registry Cleaner

Smadav Rev 4 2009 has supported Windows Vista


Not only remove but also Clearing (Heal) document from the virus.
Protect your computer from virus attacks at any time, you will feel safe.
now, You can update via Internet or off line as well as AVG.
A Smadav like "The Virus Exterminator" is on your computer.
Smadav can be used in Windows ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista. No need to install.
SmadLock Flashdisk
Once locked with Smadav, Your USB flash will be safe to go everywhere without fear of virus infection. Features the latest in the WORLD

Download Now Smadav Rev4.1

Comments :

4 comments to “Update Your Smadav Antivirus with Smadav Rev 4.1 on May 2009”
www.dmoon.co.cc said...

Info² dari anda menarik sekali,
saya sangat menikmati apalagi di bagian linux , coz aq noobies yg mo belajar linux

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

thank you so much for sharing. very helpful info.

Anonymous said...

bagi ilmu donk untuk source code smart protectionnya sama smadlock?

Joe Engressia said...

@ Anonymous.
You can visit http://smadav.net. It is a official website of smadav. Ask it's admin to get source code.

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