How to Make Ad-Hoc | Windows XP vs Linux ubuntu 8.10

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Connecting Windows OS to Ubuntu via Ad-Hoc

Using The networking services is the mandatory all of linux user. Because linux has good performance in networking. The service of networking is ad-hoc, we are able to use ad-hoc connection to every computer that has wireless device. Ad-hoc connection can be only connected with max 3 pc, if more than 3 your connection will very slow. It's operates by sending hundreds beacon packets per second to every computer that is still reaching out to area wireless connection.

In this article, I will explain how to connecting windows XP to Ubuntu 8.10. Both of its is very different, but we can keep to connect its via protocol tcp/ip.

I will not discuss about how to make an ad-hoc connection on Windows XP, but I will explain how to connecting an ad-hoc connection that has made on windows xp and connected to Linux Ubuntu 8.10

Configuration on Windows XP

You have made ad-hoc on windows xp with SSID name is mywork and use open authentication mode. Connect to mywork so it's status is not connected.

IP address :
Netmask :

Note: You must turn off the firewall to use ad-hoc

Configuration on Linux Ubuntu

  1. Click on network manager applet and select wireless mywork

  2. right click on networkmanager | edit connection | wireless | select my work | edit

  3. on tab wireless select mode Ad-Hoc

  4. on tab IPv4 settings | Method : Manual

  5. On table addresses

  6. AddressNetmaskGateway

Congratulation, you can connect Windows XP to Ubuntu 8.10. If You get some problems, please comment us. We will solve your problem. Thanks.

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Comments :

11 comments to “How to Make Ad-Hoc | Windows XP vs Linux ubuntu 8.10”
AngelBaby said...

Wow,This is a great site full of very valuable information. I love what you are doing here. If I need help on anything I am coming here.

Love and Blessings,

401notfound said...

mantap jo,^^ gantian!!

Anonymous said...

I need ubuntu(host) to xp(Client) ad hoc wifi is the same steps?

admin said...

Yap.. Make ad-hoc connection at Ubuntu to WinXP is same steps.
I suggest, if you want to connect XP and ubuntu, you should make connection via winxp and ubuntu as client.. cos, If you make first ad-hoc via ubuntu, WinXP is long to get beacon packets.. OKAY..
thanks 4 your comment ^_^

Anonymous said...

it does not work Joe. are you sure gateway is my host is XP and client is ubuntu 9.10. I have made ping from ubuntu but no success. Could you help me?

Joe Engressia said...

gateway must be if you want to connect using ad-hoc.
please disable your firewall on windows XP, cos firewall can block the connection if you do ad-hoc.
after disable it, your connection will have connected LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm also using XP & Ubuntu 9.10.

It failed on WEP connection. When I set the Security to None, it worked.

I still prefer the WEP though..

Anonymous said...

I tried it on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10.

It didn't work with Security set to WEP and also to None.

Anything else I can try? -- I'm doomed! :(

Rachat de credit said...

Thanks a ton it has been a good help, now to make ad-hoc is definitely simple and easy with your guidance. Thank you

raj009 said...

I am able ping from XP to ubuntu. But not able to access internet on XP ? any comment

raj009 said...


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