How to change Ubuntu 8.10 Theme | Download MACOS Themes

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Enjoy MacOS on Linux Ubuntu 8.10

Have a destkop view like MacOS is really beautiful and awesome, so that users will feel comfort using PC or notebook with MacOS style. On Linux OS, you can enjoy the beautiful of Gnome Desktop like MACOS style. How to change The default theme of Ubuntu is not difficult and don't need the expertise using Linux Ubuntu.

What will we change on Ubuntu so that It can be like MacOS.

  • usplash

  • theme
for doing the configuration, you should use root access.
Alt+F2 and type gksu nautilus

Let's change your Ubuntu 8.10 to be MacOS style:

  1. Usplash

  2. Download Usplash
    install startup manager application, It's function change your usplash.

    # apt-get install startupmanager

    copy file to directory /usr/lib/usplash and extract it.

    Run startupmanager
    # startupmanager

    Change uslash via startupmanager :
    Appearance | manage usplash themes | add | go to /usr/lib/usplash/ | select your usplash | open

    Then, you must choose your usplash and close startupmanager.

    Please restart your pc to see the new usplash

  3. Theme MACOS

  4. how to change Ubuntu theme to be MACOS theme
    Download MacOS Theme
    copy file to directory /usr/share/themes/ and extract it.
    right click on desktop and select Change Desktop Background
    select theme | Install | go to /usr/share/themes/ | select your themes | Open

If, you get any problem, please report us. We will help you.

Download GnomeTheme

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