WebContentControl is a firewall in Linux OS

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Keep Away Your Children from Porn Sites

Technological progress at this time easier for everyone to do their activities, especially in internet. But, internet is like a knife, if you can't use it, you will be hurt. Its are like security, education, and everything that can make user in danger. You often hear about firewall, ya firewall is a solution to safe our computer. In Linux operating system, you are able to user web content control to keep away your children from sites porn, sex, naughty, and another sites that make danger your family and computer.


Web Content control is user friendly, on tab filter settings, you can configure white list and black list sites. The configuration of web content control is not difficult, you can use words, ip, url, file extension, etc. After It is configured, see the result on tab logs. Web content control has function as good as with Windows Parental Control in Windows Vista.


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