KPU Just Released Electronic System to Monitor The Election

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Alert for Hacker Who will Penetrate KPU Site

Some days again, The state of Indonesia will hold it's election. All parties that follow the election has been held it's campaigns with the amount of follower is more than a thousand peoples. The parties utilized it's last second to get people's sympathy. We as Indonesian citizen hope a change that is better and aligned to the people.

In this article, i don't discuss about Politic in Indonesia, because i am not interested. I will discuss about KPU readiness as a special institution to monitor all related to the elections in Indonesia. KPU just launched Electronic System to report the election, so that Indonesian citizen is able to monitor directly the development of the general election every second through the internet service in

But, what the system will safe from hacker? Because in 2004, KPU site was hacked by Indonesia hacker using SQL injection, so He could change database in KPU site. fortunately when he penetrated it, he only rename parties be fruit name... hihii :D. It is so funny. The electronic system is doubt by professional IT in Indonesia.

Following response from the ministry of communications and Information Indonesia, Mr. M. Nuh on the system are:

  • The system will be managed by 37 operator who will represent each province in Indonesia

  • To hacker who attack it, will be tracked and you will into the jail

To hacker that is brave to attack KPU site, you will be punished according to the applicable law and punished even more weight because you endanger the national security of Indonesia.

We believe, Hacker of Indonesia will keep the security in their country. And We hope also, hacker in other country will not disturb the election of Indonesia

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6 comments to “KPU Just Released Electronic System to Monitor The Election”
bayu nugroho said...

bagussssss ialah mudah2an aja sistemnya canggih banget yah, jadi bener2 bisa anti hack...

SEDONA said...

Hi there... Blog Walking.. Good Day.

aan said...

tidak bisa di jamin server KPU bisa bebas dari hacker, tetapi mungkin saja peralatan mereka sudah mumpuni, semoga tidak ada yang usil, hehee...

Itik Bali said...

Kemajuan buat KPU!
Semoga tambah maju terus,asal jangan sampe nabrak

buwel said...

It is hoped indonesian hacker and foreign was more well-mannered... amiiin

http.// said...


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