PCMAV has been launched an anti virus for conficker.

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The Specialized Anti Virus for Convicker in March 2009

Did You Know PCMAV Anti Virus presents with PCMAV Express for Convicker.Conficker has made more than one thousand PC that has been infected by it.What will Conficker do when it is in your pc? hmm, your pc is in danger. Please show what It will do in your PC:

  • Virus Conficker also create a file on the floppy disk, flash, hard drive and card reader to save the file hidden on the root drive.

  • Exploiting MS08-067 security cleft or Windows, or Windows Server Service SVCHOST.exe, and etc.

Why is conficker very difficult to be removed from your PC? Because It has root-kit technology that is very amazing so that It is very immune against several anti virus.

Now, In March You don't need to think about Conficker. Because, PCMAV is The no 1 anti virus In Indonesia made PCMAV Express for Conficker. It is designed to exterminate Conficker that has infected more than one thousand PC.

How to Use PCMAV Express for Conficker :

  1. User must be Administrator Group when use it

  2. Disconnect your pc from internet connection

  3. Restart your pc after scan, and suggested to scan again.

  4. Update Your windows patch and change your password, because conficker can guess it via it's dictionary.

Download PCMAV Express for Conficker

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