PCMAV 2.0 Valkyrie is a Solution to keep Your PC from virus Harmful

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Don't Be Late To Safe Your PC!!!

PC Media Anti Virusis No 1 in Indonesia. It is a very good anti virus in killing viruses harmful in PC. Beside that, the PCMAV can eradicate the virus outside of Indonesia that attack computers through an internet connection. PCMAV current issue with the latest anti-virus code name "PCMAV 2.0 valkyrie". Let's show the new excellences in PCMAV 2.0 Valkyrie:

  • Using new management memory to find out the files are faster.

  • iScan for clamav that has function to combine PCMAV and clamav engine to scan the virus is faster.

  • New RTP(Real Time Protector) for windows 7 and Vista, that is good.

  • New Virus Quarantine that makes your pc is more secure.

  • Virus Submit is new tool in PCMAV 2.0 valkyrie that makes user be easy sending virus sample to PCMAV Team.

  • PC Media Update Manager is tool for update your pcmav via connection internet automatically.

  • and The bugs in PCMAV Engine have been repaired by PCMAV team.

Download PCMAV 2.0 Valkyrie
Pcmav 2.0 Valkyrie is awesome with many new tools so that users are more secure to keep them data.

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nice info

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Hey,thanks for the info.

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