Repair Windows Partition Through Linux Ubuntu

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How to Repair Windows Partition, If Using Linux Ubuntu?

Who does not know with linux ubuntu? On Distro Watch, linux ubuntu is on rank 1. Linux ubuntu very desirability of the computer users, because The desktop of ubuntu is good and very elegant. Among the users have to install 2 operating systems on the computer. The system is operating normally linux Ubuntu and Microsoft Windows. But what happens, if the windows operating system is damaged?

But you do not need to worry, because I have tricks to fix the broken windows through Linux Ubuntu. Following practical steps that you can do:

1. Install ntsfprogs package,

2. Unmount windows partition, if mounted

3. Check your windows partition through terminal

joe_engressia#: sudo cfdisk

4. Example your windows partition is sda1
open terminal and type this:

joe_engressia#: sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda1

5. please wait, until the processing finished and your windows repaired and ready to used.

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6 comments to “Repair Windows Partition Through Linux Ubuntu”
blackskin said...

saya suka dengan artikel2nya, kebetulan saya sedang belajar Linux nih..

tolearnfree said...

mkasih atas komentnya. Linux merupkan SO yang akan brkembang pesat, mulai dari sekarang sampai selanjutnya. oleh karena itu, untuk mnunjang kmampuan IT kita, sebaiknya harus mencoba menggunakan SO yang satu ini..

Anonymous said...

Dude I have never fixed a windows problem this quick.

Anonymous said...

mine comes up with

FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 1: logical partitions overlap

Jojo said...

@my good friend
waw, It is bad LOL. You have to repair your partition soon.
If you can't follow these article, you can use partition magic to repair your windows partition via 3,5 floppy / bootable cd on Partition Magic bootable .

Ali Kianzadeh said...

Great, thank you very much

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