Prevent Hacker Attacks Using ACUNETIX 6 | Free Download

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Search The Weakness of Site Use Acunetix 6

OS SUPPORT Win Vista/2000/2003/XP

ACUNETIX 6Acunetix Site Audit is an immediate and comprehensive web security audit allowing organisations to benefit from extensive expertise, accuracy and flexibility to meet their security requirements. In the modern era, technology is developing rapidly. Many pop services that provide network security services. Because so many risks in the Internet world.

This application is Acunetix, It is very useful for administrators who want to check out their weaknesses site. Acunetix Vulnerability is a web application scanner that is claimed to undertake both a site of weakness. Included in application :

* Provides an immediate and comprehensive website security audit
* Ensures website is secure against web attacks
* Checks for SQL injection, Cross site scripting and other vulnerabilities
* Audits shopping carts, forms, and dynamic content
* Scans entire website and web applications including Javascript / AJAX applications for security vulnerabilities.

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