The No 1 Anti Virus In Indonesia | Get PCMAV 1.93 February 2009

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Clean Virus, Trojan, Worm, and Anything that can Make Risk in Your PC

PCMAVPCMAV Anti Virus is No 1 in Indonesia. It is a very good anti virus in killing viruses harmful in PC. Beside that, the PCMAV can eradicate the virus outside of Indonesia that attack computers through an internet connection. PCMAV current issue with the latest anti-virus code name "PCMAV 1.93". Next update from the database PCMAV 1.93:

Added, a database and cleaning virus 67 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 2560 virus with the many outstanding it's kinds in Indonesia has been known in this version 1.93 by engine internal PCMAV.

Added, cleaner engine specifically for It's Varian with Autoit.
Added, engine cleaner especially for Recycle virus with a known it's kinds ability code injection.

Corrected, the error information in the file PCMAV.log in the Operating System, especially run on Windows Vista. Corrected, the display information on the percentage of time the process of scanning.

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5 comments to “The No 1 Anti Virus In Indonesia | Get PCMAV 1.93 February 2009”
chend said...

Is it also usefull for international made virusses

Joe Engressia said...


Yes, you are right. PCMAV is useful to protect our computer from viruses attack and gadfly other ^_^

dochi said...

betul pcmav man muantep

Joe Engressia said...


pcmav merupakan solusi terbaik dalam mengatasi virus ataupun sejenisnya yang meruska komputer

Komik Naruto Bahasa Indonesia Online said...

pcmav 2.0 final release + update build 3 + clamav 0.94.2 di

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