How to Change FLV Into MPG in Linux Ubuntu

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Watching Youtube Videos with The View That is Better

Youtube is a site that provides video files. But, The video files have extension flv so that video images are not good for views. After downloaded video, you can change video format be avi, mpg, mpeg, mpeg2 so that the videos is better than before. In Linux Ubuntu 8.10 repository has been provided encoder/decoder applications.

Let's go to change flv into mpg:

1. Install the application ffmpeg

$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

2. Change the flv file into mpg
example : videoA.flv will change into videoA.mpg

$ ffmpeg -i videoA.flv -y -sameq videoA.mpg

Our work has finished, you can change other video file using ffmpeg. please check:
$ man ffmpeg

List encoder applications in Linux operating system:
mecoder, ffmpeg, avidemux, transcode.

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