Make Your Linux Difference, Download Recontructor 2.7 (Ubuntu & tar.gz)

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Reconstructor 2.7 will Change Your Style

is an application that is devoted to doing remastering the Linux OS. Through this application we can easily change without the need to know linux command in linux console. Because the master of Linux is usually doing "remastering" to use the console that has become a culture in Linux. Through the Reconstructor, you can add applications, change the view, remove the applications that are not needed, etc. That is important many things that can be done with linux recontstructor so that we have difference linux with others.

Download Reconstructor 2.7
Reconstructor is an application that can create a customized
Linux LiveCD distribution based on Ubuntu.

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vivek kumar said...

how do i reconstruct an rpm based distro like fedora ?

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