Create and Run Virtual Machines With virt-manager

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Virtual machines make administrative live so much easier. Not only can you test out new operating systems (without damaging your currently running OS), you can test new features, you can sandbox your web sites, you can develop new security models...the list goes on and on. But just as there are numerous reasons why you would want to run a virtual machine, there are numerous ways to create a virtual machine.

You have already seen my articles on virtualization, here on If not check out "Virtualbox offers simple, easy to use virtual solutions" and "Installing Virtual Machines in VMWare". Another virtual machine solution is virt-manager. The virt-manager tool is a GUI tool that can use either QEMU or KVM as its hypervisor. Unlike VirtualBox or VMWare, there are a few tools that have to be installed, but more importantly, your CPU must be able to support hardware virtualization. So before we get into the installation of any of the tools (and the setting up of your virtual machines) it's best to run a simple test to find out if your hardware will support this technology.

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