The Ubuntu Release Cycle

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When I visited The official site of Ubuntu, I got the useful informations that have to be known by Ubuntu's user. You can check how long your ubuntu version will be supported.

From its outset Ubuntu project has been committed to a regular release cycle and has managed to deliver on that commitment without fail. It is the regularity and reliability of these releases that makes Ubuntu a great option for users and businesses who can plan upgrades and new installs with a reliability that is very unusual in the operating system market. This diagram gives our long term commitment to releases and demonstrates the key difference between a Long Term Support release and our standard releases.

Ubuntu Release Cycle
LTS Desktop and Server

Long Term Support releases for desktop and server. There are deployment platforms with wide hardware and software support and ideal or individuals and businesses making a longer term investment in Ubuntu

Standard release
These are the 6 monthly release that contain the best of the new from the Open Source and commercial worlds and suited to users happy to upgrade regularly.

Point Release
These are 6 monthly updates to the long term support cycle. These are primarily bug fixes and patches with occasional feature enhancements that maintain the integrity of the release over a long cycle. The point releases continue up to the next LTS release which then offers an obvious upgrade path for users

LTS Server
This is the extended support period for server.

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