Openoffice3.2 RC1 has been Available for Downloaded

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Announced yesterday the release of Openoffice3.2 RC1, the new release comes with new features and improvements. Note that the final release of Openoffice 3.2 is planned for January 2010. Note:- This is still in RC version so not recommended for production systems.

    The features of Openoffice3.2 RC1:
  1. Faster start up times

  2. ODF Support

  3. Proprietary File Support

  4. Support for Postscript based OpenType fonts

  5. Autocorrect word completion

  6. Mediawiki support moved to an Extension

  7. Cell borders now support multiple selection

  8. Autofill now handles additional cases

  9. Improvements to sort

  10. Better handling of merged cells

  11. Complex copy and paste, full story

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