Chrome for Linux Beta May Change Browser Habits

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Have you seen the Google Chrome for Linux beta?

Linux enthusiasts that I've known use a variety of browsers including Konqueror, Opera, and others. Without question, Firefox is today's premier Linux browser. With all these choices, why would you even consider using something new?

For one thing, early adopters can never leave anything new alone. The Linux and Open Source worlds are all about choice and freedom to experiment. New usually means doing things differently than in the past. The new way might not be better. On the other hand... new might just give you that competitive edge. Chrome gives you another option.

 Chrome for Linux Beta May Change Browser Habits
Also, since the Google team is still into development mode with this project, those of you that like to get involved, provide feedback, and be able to say you were in on the ground floor of something, here's your chance.

I downloaded the latest Beta for Linux release (version and found some cool things. It certainly is different than my ever faithful net-cruising companion, Firefox. I'll talk about some of the features that I liked and outline things that were an issue for me. It's a clean and fast browser that you have the option to investigate.

Shiny Chrome

You can download Chrome from the Google site. The browser is available for Windows, and in Beta versions for Linux and Mac OS X. I installed the 64-bit Linux version on my tried-and-true Asus notebook, running Xubuntu. On my machine I read and agreed to the licensing agreement, then downloaded the file. After downloading, I opened the resulting Deb file with the default GDebi package installer. The installer ran through its paces and after completion, I found a new Google Chrome item in the Xubuntu Applications -> Network menu. A quick click put me into the browser.

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