How to Update Instantly Tweets via Echofon

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echofon.pngAs a twitter holic, of course you have done "tweets". The more you make the tweets, so people can read what information you've made. There is an innovation of Echofon that can help to doing tweets without have to visit the official site of twitter. The application is useful when your connection is slow or you just want to update instantly the tweets. Let's try Echofon to update your tweets. Echofon can make tiny your url, it is my favourite features.

    Let's install echofon on firefox web browser.
  1. We have to use mozilla firefox, cos echofon is an add-ons of mozilla firefox.
    Download firefox here then install on your OS.

  2. Go to Echofon site
    please visit here to install echofon on your firefox. Select mozilla firefox version, then wait in a minutes.

  3. Restart your firefox and ready to use echofon
    Echofon will be placed on bellow toolbars.

    • right click on echofon icon >> select Preferences
    • Click Add Account >> Insert your twitter username and password >> OK.

You have a Echofon on your firefox now, let's update and get instantly tweets via echofon. There are Tweets, mention, and message that can be read by you.

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