Create Ubuntu 9.04 USB Via Windows

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How to Create Ubuntu 9.04 USB

Ubuntu 9.04 is an operating system that can run via USB, so User is facilitated to use it. Process to create ubuntu 9.04 USB is easy, you just take the time a few minutes to create it. following preparation required :

  1. BIOS PC That has supported USB Boot

  2. Windows XP OS has installed on your PC

  3. Create ISO of Ubuntu 9.04 LiveCD

  4. 2GB or larger USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)

  5. U904p.exe

Let's go to make ubuntu 9.04 run from USB
  1. Download and run u9.04p.exe, extracting to your PC. A U904p folder is automatically created

  2. Put Ubuntu 9.04 ISO and place it in the U904p folder on your computer

  3. From the U904p folder on your PC, click U904.bat and follow the on screen instructions

  4. Once the script has finished, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot

Now, You have a Ubuntu 9.04 USB, please run it on your PC.

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