Create Linux Mint 7 Gloria Into USB Flash Drive

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Linux Mint 7 Utilize KDE 4.2.4 Desktop Environment

Linux Mint is a linux OS supported by Debian package applications. When you finished to install linux mint, your sound has installed automatically on your PC. So you can listen music without install Gstreamer. This article will explain how to create Linux Mint 7 into USB Flash Drive Using Windows. Linux Mint 7 utilizes the KDE 4.2.4 desktop environment, so far we know. KDE is a desktop environment that is beautifull and awesome.

Let's do Create Linux Mint KDE 7 Into USB Using Windows :

  1. Make sure your BIOS support to boot through USB Flash Drive

  2. Prepare before Installation process

    • Your PC has installed Windows XP

    • 4GB or Larger USB Flash Drive (Formatted FAT32)

    • Linux Mint 7.iso, if You doesn't have please download here.

    • Download USBM7KDE.exe

  3. Run USBM7KDE.exe, and folder USBM7KDE will has created automatically

  4. Copy Linux Mint 7.iso into folder USBM7KDE

  5. Go to USBM7KDE directory, run FIXM7KDE.bat and follow the onscreen instructions

  6. Reboot your PC and set your system BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot booting from the USB memory stick.

Now, You have a Linux Mint 7 that can be brought to everywhere. Keep update your linux although It is on USB Flash Drive.

Comments :

4 comments to “Create Linux Mint 7 Gloria Into USB Flash Drive”
filipe said...

hi, just to clarify that the standard edition of linux mint uses the Gnome desktop. there is however and KDE edition along with a XFCE and Fluxbox edition.
saying that, thanks for the tip!


Tolearnfree Admin said...

yap, thanks for your comment.
But, my article explained about Linux mint 7 gloria, that is using KDE as desktop environment. So, I don't mention gnome there.

Hope you enjoyed on my site LOL.

david tutton, Santa Pola, Spain said...

Thanks for this. Ihave created LinuxMint-7-KDE on a Kingston DataTraveler 64GByte usb flash drive. It worked perfectly. and now also contains my data backup from my laptop.

Joe Engressia said...

@David tutton
It doesn't matter David. You are welcome.
thank 4 visit.

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