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Webcamd is an audio video application on linux OS. The application can be used to capture image and record video via your webcame. The results of images shown by the application is very good, depending on the quality of your web came. At the time of installation webcamd, XawTV will has installed automatically, XawTV used to capture image and record video from your webcam. This article will explain how to install and use XawTV, then several major commands of the application.

    Tested on Ubuntu 9.04 and Acer 4315
  1. Installation webcamd via terminal (You have connected on internet or repository)
    $ sudo apt-get install webcamd
    XawTV will has installed automatically when webcamd installation finished

  2. Run XawTV to capture image or record video
    Applications | Sound & Video | XawTV
    or you can run via terminal : $ xawtv

  3. When XawTV runs, you have to click OK to close XawTV welcome screen then press "O" to show options menu

  4. Now, webcamd and XawTV has installed on your Linux. To see more details, please check on :
    $ man xawtv

Actually, we only use xawtv to capture image and record video, while webcamd is component to running XawTV.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I tried xawtv on my ubuntu. It is cool software to capture a picture.

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