Update status until 200 Character on Twitter

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Update status until 200 Character on Twitter

Let's Use Maxitweet to Update Status until 200 Character

At this moment, Twitter is interested by everyone like, young, blogger, and for famous companies. Twitter is simple to use, so You can update easily your status and promote your product via twitter. But, The user of twitter is limited for update theirs tweet, that is as many as 140 character.

An development of maxitweet makes users be able to update theirs status as many as 200 character. Twitter support more than 100 language via unicode that is used by twitter. With the development of maxitweet, twitter users are expected to be more enthusiasm for using twitter and update their status.

Let's update status on twitter with character that is longer.!!

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aan.iskandar@blog buat bisnis said...

I think this is a great tool that we can use to tweet more than 100 words..so there is no problem when we have a long words to tweet.

thanks for sharing, pal.

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