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How to Set Startup Application via Console | Ubuntu 9.04

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startupConfigure Startup Application Without GUI

Linux Ubuntu provides gnome-session-properties to set startup application. Except use it, you can set startup application use terminal/console via pico, vim, gedit, kedit, etc. Text edit can make ASCII text to insert "autostart command".

How to configure startup application via terminal has benefits :

  1. Increase your skill using console on linux,

  2. User doesn't deppend using GUI application,

  3. Process adding application is faster.

In article about how to configure startup application, we tried on linux ubuntu 9.04. Next the way to set it :
  1. open your terminal, to be root on your console.

  2. e.q Username is jnlug. You must use your username when configure it.

  3. We will run pidgin as startup application.

    # pico /home/jnlug/.config/autostart/pidgin.desktop

    inser bellow text :

    [Desktop Entry]





    Comment=IM Application

    don't forget to save it.

  4. Okay, log out to check your work. When you login, pidgin will open automatically.

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