Ext4 is Awesome, Change Your Filesystem to Ext4 Now!!

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How to Convert Ext3 Into Ext4 using Ubuntu 9.04

How to Convert Ext3 Into Ext4 using Ubuntu 9.04

Filesystem Ext4 is the development of the filesystem ext3 and is integrates with the 2.6.28 kernel. Ubuntu 9.04 support file system Ext4, so that the performance of ubuntu to be more stable and faster. Ext4 file system is able to accommodate the size of filesystem 1 exabyte, 1 exabyte more than 1 million terrabyte. Waw, really incredible. It is able to accommodate the addition of file size is a very fantastic, it also speed up the process of checking hard drives. So the process booting of Linux ubuntu 9.04 is faster. Ext4 filesystem does not do the writing data, such as ext3, so media flash (SSD) is to be more durable.

For ubuntu users who has been installing ubuntu 9.04 and still using the ext3 filesystem, you can conversion ext3 into ext4. Please follow our article:

  1. Using kernel 2.6.28 or above it.

  2. Umount filesystem that will be converted.
    ex: we will convert sda3

    $ sudo umount /dev/sda3

  3. We can't do it via Ubuntu that has install on PC, so insert live cd of ubuntu 9.04.

  4. Let's to convertion /dev/sda3

    $ sudo tune2fs -O extents,uninit_bg,dir_index /dev/sda3

    Convertion process is not long, just a few second. Because we use command "uninit_bg", It can shorten the time of fsck because it only checks inode that has changed.

  5. We will scan filesystem that has converted, and error message will appear, but don't worry about it.

    $ sudo fsck -pDf /dev/sda3

  6. Mounting filesystem and Edit fstab to change UUID

    Mount partition :

    $ sudo mkdir /media/myext4 /dev/sda3

  7. Edit fstab and find :

    # / was on /dev/sda3 during installation

    UUID=922239b6-3eff-4c09-9e55-bf4023ec6358 / ext3 realtime,error s=remount-ro 0 1

    change to be :

    UUID=922239b6-3eff-4c09-9e55-bf4023ec6358 / ext4 realtime,error s=remount-ro 0 1

  8. Save your configuration and reboot pc.

  9. OK, enjoy with your ext4. you can share this article to everyone without permission to me.

Comments :

2 comments to “Ext4 is Awesome, Change Your Filesystem to Ext4 Now!!”
Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's realtime and not relatime you want in fstab?

Admin said...

What did you mean?LOL.
I have tested my article on Ubuntu 9.04, and cleared.
I don't issue any guarantee this will work for you.

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