About Java Application Server, Apache Tomcat, and Application Server

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SUN Microsystems as a java development company to create a java application server that will help the programmer to refine the program in java that is made to be more communicative, as well as the concept of client server. The benefits from the java application server is
  • Data and code integrity
    By centralizing business logic on an individual server or on a small number of server machines, updates and upgrades to the application for all users can be guaranteed.

  • Centralized configuration
    Changes to the application configuration, such as a move of database server, or system settings, can take place centrally.

  • Security
    A central point through which service-providers can manage access to data and portions of the application itself counts as a security benefit, devolving responsibility for authentication away from the potentially insecure client layer without exposing the database layer.

  • Performance
    By limiting the network traffic to performance-tier traffic the client-server model improves the performance of large applications in heavy usage environments, etc.

Apache Tomcat is a open source product that has been developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Apache Tomcat applies java servlet and javaserver pages (JSP) from SUN Microsystems. It provides a web server that is able to run java code through HTTP. Apache tomcat is a processing applications and can also be used for configuration XML files. Application server is very easy for users to complete a job, A user can complete the job without having to work in the office. They can use the application server to control the computer work in the home office via computer.

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