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Install Flash Player for Linux

Flash player is an application made by Adobe Corporation. It is an application that must be installed on your pc. Flash make web become more dynamic and interested. On linux operating system, you can install flash application for web browser like firefox, opera, ephipany web browser, etc. Installation process of Flash Player in form archive can be done simply.

  1. Download Flashplayer10.0.22.87.tar.gz

  2. Extract file to home directory

  3. $ cd /home
    $ cd install_flash_player_10_linux
    $ sudo su
    # chmod 777 -R flashplayer-installer
    # ./flashplayer-installer

    You have to choose path of Your browser to put flash player file.
    I have been using Ubuntu 9.04, my browsers are Firefox and Opera.

    Path for Firefox : /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.8
    Path for Opera : /usr/lib/opera

    If you have selected path of Opera and Firefox, please do some instructions until finish.
Ok, you will get flash player installed on your web browser.

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