Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids is

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Omega 3 health supplements, Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids

Fish is very good for health because it contains a lot of protein. In addition, fish oil is also very useful for health and brain development of children. Fish oil lower cholesterol safely, so consumed by infants and pregnant women. Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids also contain saturated fatty acid that did not work to help the process of development of the brain (intellect), and the development of the senses of vision and the immune system and body of the baby seat. Meanwhile, for pregnant women, fish oil helpful for improving the quality of the pregnancy.

Type of fatty acid in fish oil have three, namely:

  • Acid saturated fat does not (does not have a double bond in the chain karbonnya), such as palmitat.

  • Acid single saturated fat does not (have one double bond in the chain karbonnya), for example oleat.

  • Acid saturated fat does not double (no more than one double bond in it's carbon chain), for example linoleat, linolenat, eikosapentanoat acid (EPA), and dokosaheksanoat acid (DHA).

There are 2 types of PUFA are very popular, namely DHA and EPA, where a combination of both configurations of carbon atoms known as omega-3. Type of fish that "rich" the actual omega-3 include salmon, tuna (especially blue-fin tuna, yellow fin tuna and Albacore), sardin, herring, makerel, and shellfish.

Past research shows a lot of fatty acid DHA and essential role in supporting the structure of the brain, degeneratif prevent various diseases such as heart disease, atherosklerosis, alzheimer, and rheumatism, also prevent interference depression, asthma, and cancer. One of the best sources of DHA and essential fatty acid is fish oil, especially fish in the sea. Fact, the environmental conditions at this time, we can not recklessly consume fish.

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thanks for sharing nice article

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nice info,one of the omega 3 source is salmon fish..isn't it?

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Yap, It is..

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