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How to Change Automatically Background on Ubuntu 8.10

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Comfort on Background of Gnome-Desktop

Are You using Gnome-Desktop? Are you bore with it's background that is static? If yes, I have a solution to you who felt bore with your background that can't change automatically. On Gnome-Desktop, User doesn't get a service to change automatically background . How to make dynamic your Desktop-background on Gnome_Desktop of Ubuntu 8.10? You can use Wallpaper Tray ot do it. Wallpaper tray is an application to change your background automatically on Linux OS, so that User feel comfort to enjoy The Gnome Desktop. Wallpaper tray has been available in Ubuntu 8.10 Repository.

How to install and use wallpaper tray on Linux Ubuntu 8.10

Make sure you have Ubuntu 8.10 repository or you have only internet connection, because wallpaper tray has some dependecie programs.

  1. Instal Wallpaper Tray

    $ sudo apt-get install wallpaper-tray

  2. Run wallpaper-tray
    $ sudo wallpaper-tray
    Select your picture directory on tab Directory List, after you added it, click tab More Options and select all options.

  3. Configure The Sessions or Startup

    System | Preferences | Sessions
    on tab startup program, Click add

    Name:Wallpaper Tray
    Command: wallpaper-tray
    Comment : Change Automatically Background

Please restart your pc to enjoy your background, Now Your desktop background can change automatically using wallpaper-tray

Comments :

2 comments to “How to Change Automatically Background on Ubuntu 8.10”
Anonymous said...

could not get it to work

Joe Engressia said...

It works my friends, cos I have tried on my jaunty jackalope.
what a pity you are.

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