Install Packter Tracer 5 on Linux Platforms

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Packet Tracer 5 is Available for Linux OS

Packet tracer is an applicatioon that is made by CISCO to help user designing a networking. Using packet tracer, we are able to configure router, switch, hub, server, etc. Packet tracer 5 has supported linux platform and multi user. In linux version, You can download the packet tracer 5

How to install Packet tracer 5 on Linux OS (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Debian, etc)

In The article, We will install packet tracer 5 that is mode tar.gz.. So, we must extract it and then doing the installation process.

Let's install packet tracer 5 on Linux OS!!

  1. Download packet tracer 5 here

  2. copy packet tracer 5 to /home

  3. open terminal

  4. $ sudo cd /home
    # tar xzvf PacketTracer5_generic.tar.gz
    # cd PacketTracer5_generic
    # ./install

    After, doing ./install, The instruction will be appear. Follow each instructions until finish.

  5. open terminal

  6. $ packettracer

  7. make shortcut to run packet tracer 5

  8. right click on desktop and select create launcher

    Type : Application
    Name: Packet Tracer 5
    Command: packettracer
    Comment: CISCO Networking Simulation

Comments :

9 comments to “Install Packter Tracer 5 on Linux Platforms”
jofelo said...

But we do not use it applicable to windows?.....

Joe Engressia said...


thanks 4 your comments. PT5 is available for windows.
you can use it as good as PT5 for Linux.
if you want to get PT5 for windows, you can visit

Anonymous said...

cannot run the program it tells me permission denied installed to IDIR where should i install th program to.......please help

tolearnfree said...

hmm, what is your OS?? because my article about PT5 only support for linux OS.

Anonymous said...

am using Linux Mint and i would like to know if the following code will allow me to be able to install Packet tracert in Linux

Joe Engressia said...

@my good friend
absolutely ya LOL,
cos the extension of PT 5 on my post is .bin, an it is available for linux

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe Engressia! Long at last I have managed to install PT5 on Linux mint and is working perfect. Vitu

Anonymous said...

first type this command;
chmod +x PacketTracer532_i386_installer-deb.bin
then type;
sudo dpkg -i PacketTracer532_i386_installer-deb.bin

Evan Root said...

Holy crap it works!!! I installed on PClinuxOS. For a long time I thought it was only going to work properly on Ubuntu or fedora. Finally I can use linux!

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