How to change Display Login Ubuntu 8.10

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Ubuntu Login
Mint Login

Customize Ubuntu Login to be Mint Login

To Linux user, you are not strange to hear about Linux Mint. Linux Mint is a linux distribution that is derived from Linux Ubuntu that uses Debian Packages. Linux Mint has theme as same as with Linux Ubuntu, Both of Its use GNOME DESKTOP so that Its are really comfortable and only need less your computer resource.

In this article, we are going to explain easily, how to change display login Linux Ubuntu.If You fell bore with display login linux Ubuntu that is identical with orange color or you are interested using display login linux mint, You will get easily through this article How to Change Display login linux Ubuntu.

Let's follow us to change display Login Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10.

  1. Please download display Login linux Mint here

  2. Open Run Alt+F2 and input gksu nautilus
    Gksu Nautilus is a desktop manager with root permission, so you won't get problems when change your display login

  3. The Display login of Ubuntu is in directory /usr/share/gdm/themes

  4. The directory of ubuntu login is Human, rename Human to be Human2.

  5. Extract file Linux Mint in directory /usr/share/gdm/themes and rename Linux Mint Login to be Human

Please logout to see your new login display, you will get Linux Ubuntu like Linux Mint. ^_^..

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